Yak Labs

Yak Labs

Warehouse Circus presents the ‘Yak Labs’ Series.
Yak labs are a forum session on topics regarding new circus practice in art, coaching, and social inclusion.
Each session centres around a single topic – dealing with a key statement or issue regarding circus arts and circus life.
8 Yak Lab sessions will be presented as part of the 2018 Circus For Life Festival, happening across three days at the Belconnen Theatre and as part of our online festival program.

Dates & Times:

Thursday 8th Nov – 1pm – 3pm – YAK LAB #1

4pm – 6pm – YAK LAB #2

Friday 9th Nov –      11am – 1pm – YAK LAB #3

4pm – 6pm – YAK LAB #4

Saturday 10th Nov – 11am – 1pm YAK LAB #5

1pm – 3pm – YAK LAB #6

3pm- 5pm – YAK LAB #7

5pm – 7pm – YAK LAB #8