Dinosaur Time Machine

Dinosaur Time Machine

5th – 8th of October | Street Two 

Presented by Highwire Events and Entertainment in association with Circus for Life Festival


A fun (and educational) show aimed at 3-9 year olds, about the science of dinosaurs.


Buckle up and take a trip in a giant time machine to get up close and personal with a life sized T-Rex. Learn about the ancient world of dinosaurs in the most exciting way possible. Two adventurous performers use science, circus, puppetry and imagination to give you a glimpse into history that you won’t forget.


“It is educational, well done, and extremely entertaining” – Global Media Post

“Lots of hilarity… My son really loved the whole thing and even managed to remember some of the dinosaur related facts afterwards!”– Play And Go

“Dinosaur Time Machine isn’t your everyday dinosaur show. It weaves factual information into the fun… circus and puppetry and audience interaction are all used to great affect… the charm of Dinosaur Time Machine lies in its ability to convey through simple means how science works” – Adelaide Advertiser